In Synerforce, we provide all the services you need in order to fulfill the City's Seismic Retrofit Ordinance. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the required work that could apply to your property after the screening process. Here is a diagram to show you:

Mandatory Screening

A screening of your property by a Structural Engineer that determines the compliance tier of your property, and gives you a time frame to complete the retrofit work. Synerforce can provide the screening service and complete the process for you at a low cost.

Seismic Retrofit Design

We can come to your property during the screening process to perform a preliminary layout survey of your property. This evaluation will be used to provide a quotation for the seismic design by our Structural Engineer. If requested, we can have the quotation for you in a timely fashion, and provide you a preliminary construction cost estimate.


After the design is completed, Synerforce will obtain the construction permit for you free of charge*.

Seismic Retrofit Construction

We will ensure the retrofit will conform to the Soft Story Ordinance. Since all the services, from screening, design, permitting, and construction, are performed by Synerforce, we can provide the most cost-effective seismic retrofit design and construction, and obtain a final sign-off from the City.

*Permit fee to be paid by the client. All works are performed under our own team. No work is sub-contracted out to keep our prices very cost competitive, and services can be offered in a package deal for maximum savings.

Seismic Retrofit

To better prepare for the next major earthquake, the City of San Francisco adopted a new mandatory soft-story retrofit program, Ordinance No. 66-13, for wood frame buildings of:

  1. Three or more stories, or
  2. Two stories over a basement, or
  3. Have underfloor that has portion extending above grade, and
  4. Containing five or more dwelling units where the permit to construct was applied for prior to January 1, 1978.

With Synerforce, property owners can walk through the entire process hassle-free. For the first phase of the ordinance, you can have an evaluation and screening of your property for only $200 consulting due to the Structural Engineer. If it is determined that your property required seismic retrofit, our team can provide for you the complete service package, from structural design, DBI review, permitting, to construction, and ensure that the certificate of final completion is obtained. The process can be divided into 3 phases.

Phase 1 – Screening by September 15, 2014

The screening will categorize your property into one of the following Tiers:

Phase 2 - Submittal of Permit Application with Plans for Seismic Retrofit Work.

Buildings in each tier are given a different time for completing the seismic retrofit, ranging from two to five years from the day a building owner is notified by the City.

Phase 3 - Completion of Work, Issuance of a Certificate of Final Completion (CFC).

This phase will last two years, starting from the finish of Phase 2.



San Francisco's Residential Energy and Water Conservation Inspection

Owners of San Francisco's residential property who want to sell their property which was granted a building permit for its construction before July 1, 1978 must obtain a valid inspection, install certain energy and water conservation devices or materials and then obtain a certificate of compliance. This requirement also applies to metering conversion and major home improvements in excess of $20,000 construction cost. More details are available in the City's official website.

All of these must occur prior to transfer of title of any residential buildings as specified in the ordinance, and the seller must provide a copy of the certificate to compliance to the buyer prior to title transfer. Finally, the certificate of compliance must be recorded with the San Francisco County Recorder's Office prior to or concurrent with the transfer of title.

As a Certified Residential Energy and Water Conservation Inspector of San Francisco, we offer:

Energy Upgrade

Energy Performance analysis or energy audit is a building science to identify the individual deficiency that affects your house energy performance as a whole. Then a computer program will prioritize the correctional items stating with the most effective one to maximize the energy efficiency. As a result, this energy audit leads to lower energy consumption, higher comfort, better indoor air quality and safety.

With thousands of dollars in rebates available at different governments as well as utility companies, for example, Energy Upgrade of California can help the energy performance improvement cost become more affordable with significant rebates and incentives.


Whole House Approach

Whole house approach

Increasing your home's efficiency isn't just switching out light bulbs or buying new appliances. It is a whole house approach in which heating, air-conditioning, insulation, windows & doors, water, and other systems can work together to more effectively help lower your house's energy consumption and improve its comfort and safety.

Energy Assessment

Synerforce is a general contractor with eco-opportunity in mind to improve building energy performance. As a Participating Contractor of PG&E and Energy Upgrade of California, we assist the property owners to improve the houses' comfort, safety, air quality, and energy efficiency. Energy audit includes the following:

Energy Performance Retrofit

Once the deficiencies of house energy performance are identified, the property owners have the opportunity to select which work items or measures to be corrected in order to maximize the benefits for their home improvement project. Energy performance retrofit commonly includes the following:

Property Remodeling

In addition, we provide whole house remodeling services. All works are performed under our own team. No work is sub-contracted out to keep our prices very cost competitive and in timely fashion.