Alameda FlexPackage

Flex Package Overview

Effective August 17, 2012, Alameda County is pleased to introduce Flex Package. This is a pilot program that will be available for a limited time on a first-come, first-serve basis. This program offers a $1,500 rebate to owners of detached single family homes. By completing qualifying measures, you can increase your home's energy efficiency, improve comfort, and lower your utility bills.

To participate in Flex Package, you must install two or more qualifying measures with a combined point value of 100 or greater using an Energy Upgrade California Participating Contractor (see Qualifying Measures for point values). Once your application is approved, your rebate is reserved for 60 days. Your Participating Contractor can provide instructions and assistyou in applying for this rebate online.

Eligibility Requirements

Please follow these five steps to apply for this rebate:

  1. Select a Flex Package approved Energy Upgrade California Qualified Participating Contractor for your project (see below for a complete list).
  2. Complete and submit the application form by clicking on the Property Owner Application on the left-hand menu.
  3. Follow the instructions at the bottom of the application and submit a completed and signed Alameda Flex Package Terms and Conditions and an IRS W-9 form within 14 days of submitting your application. The rebate provided under this program is considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. These documents are required to complete your rebate reservation.
  4. Once the required application documents have been received, the property owner and contractor will receive a "Flex Package-Notice to Proceed" email indicating you may begin your Flex Package project. Upon approval, your incentive is reserved for 60 days.
  5. When your project is complete, your contractor will submit the Contractor Completion Form before your reservation date has passed. This form will include uploading an itemized paid invoice and other supporting documentation (see Qualifying Measures)

The Flex Package rebate cannot exceed the total project cost. When the total eligible rebate amount is greater than the project cost, the Flex Package rebate amount will be adjusted to reflect actual project cost. Please ensure that you have not previously applied for a PG&E Whole House rebate for any of the same retrofit measures selected in your Flex Package application.

The FlexPackage Program was designed as a simplified, streamlined alternative to the Energy Upgrade California Advanced Path Program.

For details, visit the official program website at

Menu of Qualifying Measures and Point Assignment:

Insulation & Air Sealing
Attic Insulation + Draft Sealing 40 pts
Attic Radiant Barrier 15 pts
Air Sealing 30 pts
Wall Insulation 70 pts
Crawlspace Insulation 50 pts
Heating & Air Conditioning
High Efficiency Furnace 55 pts
A/C Unit 40 pts
Heat Pump 85 pts
Whole House Fan 5 pts
Programmable Thermostat 5 pts
Duct Replacement or Sealing and Insulation 80 pts
Window Replacement 60 pts
High Efficiency Water Heater 35 pts
Tankless Water Heater 50 pts
Water Pipe Insulation 50 pts
Low flow showerhead with thermostatic shut-off valve 5 pts
CFL or LED Light Fixtures 5 pts
Cool Roof
Cool Roof 50 pts

Energy Upgrade CA

Energy Upgrade California is a statewide program that helps homeowners make upgrades to their home in order to reduce energy use, conserve resources, and create more comfortable and efficient homes. Through the program, homeowners can learn about the upgrade process, find a contractor to do the work, and receive up to $4,500 in rebate and incentives to pay for it.

These incentive packages encourage homeowners to take a "whole house" approach by combining several related improvements at once to increase a home's overall energy efficiency and achieve greater savings.

By working with Synerforce, homeowners can choose from two incentive options—the Basic Upgrade Package or the Advanced Upgrade Package—based on their improvement needs and budget.

Basic Upgrade Package

The Basic Upgrade Package focuses on the building shell—including installing and upgrading insulation and patching duct work. This package qualifies for incentives of up to $1,000.

Advanced Upgrade Package

The Advanced Upgrade Package is a comprehensive plan focused on enhancing the Basic Upgrade Package components, plus installing new systems (heating, cooling, and water heaters), replacing ductwork, upgrading single-pane windows, and more. This package qualifies for incentives of up to $4,500

Possible rebate amounts based on your projected energy savings:

Energy Savings Rebates & Tax Credit
15% $1,500
20% $2,000
25% $2,500
30% $3,000
35% $3,500
40% $4,000
45% $4,500