About Us

Synerforce is a general contractor with eco-opportunity in mind to structurally retrofit your property, and to improve building energy performance. We have the expertise and experience to perform seismic retrofit and upscale renovation work.

As a Certified Residential Energy and Water Conservation Inspector of San Francisco, and a Participating Contractor of PG&E and Energy Upgrade of California, we are certified to bring your property's utilities up to the current City's code, and conduct a comprehensive energy audit to enhance your living or work space comfort and air quality while lowering your utility bills.

This whole house energy performance analysis is a building science to identify the individual deficiency that affects your house energy performance as a whole. We then prioritize the correctional items starting with the most effective one to maximize the energy efficiency that leads to higher rebates to subsidize your improvement cost. It is the best of both worlds to help the environment and the expenses on your property for many years to come.


With our in-house design team and well-trained crew, we are experienced in performing seismic retrofit and property renovation for residential and commercial buildings. On the other hand, Synerforce has been specifically trained for being a Participating Contractor of Energy Upgrade of California and has met required qualifications to be part of the program. As a licensed contractor and also a Energy Upgrade Participating Contractor, we hold a valid California contractor's license, and specified certifications and training for the work required.

In addition to being certified by Building Performance Institute (BPI), we are also certified as a San Francisco Residential Energy and Water Conservation Inspector. BPI is an independent, non-profit organization that works with the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency to develop standards for home performance and weatherization improvements. As part of the Energy Upgrade program, BPI trains Participating Contactors in the "whole house" concept and the comprehensive "Whole House" diagnostic assessments.